A Prince Edward County, Ontario institution, The Frere Brothers have undergone many incarnations. The current line up is....
Jack Frere
(aka Alec Lunn)
The longest serving Frere Brother and, arguably, the wisest and the funniest - on lead vocals (usually), flute, whistles and bass kazoo, tenor kazoo, alto kazoo and soprano kazoo
Sonny Lematina
(aka Mark Despault)
The most musically gifted Frere Brother, which isn't very difficult - on vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo and ukulele
(Click here for a selection our favourite banjo jokes!)
Ding Dang Dong
(aka Fraser Hardman)
The newest addition to The Frere Brothers. We adopted him in order to provide.... well, we're not quite sure, but he seems to enjoy it and he's easy to get along with... and does not a bad job on bass and sometimes guitar, keyboards, ukelele and he sings a bit too
"The Frere Brothers.... they're not really brothers, you know.... heck, they're not even cousins" (The County's Artisinal Comedy Group: Taste That)
A brief history.......
Lead singer and co-writer, Alec Lunn formed the original duo back in Calgary with his actual brother. Since then, there have been many Frere's coming and going, but Alec remains the common denominator. Mark Despault joined Alec in 1995 and has been performing together since then. Fraser Hardman joined Mark and Alec in 2015. Movin' to County is their latest collection of humorous songs of life in a small town. They can be heard performing at venues throughout "The County" (That's Prince Edward County).
Movin' To The County
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